Come See The ReefBot by Reef Kinetics at Reefapalooza This Weekend!


If there’s one thing that most of us absolutely love about keeping reef tanks, it’s the intersection of biology, technology, and a little bit of art to bring it all together. There’s a great movement happening right now with tons of new devices to automatically test aquarium water, and Reef Kinetics is at the bleeding edge of this movement.

Reef Kinetics first grabbed our attention about 18 months ago with the introduction of their Reef Bits concept and this weekend at Reefapalooza in Orlando we’re excited to see what Reef Kinetics has been working on. The ReefBot is their all inclusive solution to not only testing reef aquarium water for important chemical parameters, but also for reporting it remotely on a customizable time scale on desktops and smartphones.

Reef Kinetics has designed the ReefBot to be an all-in-one water quality monitoring device running a variety of reagent and and probe based water analysis. The primary reagent tests that the Reef Kinetics ReefBot can perform are some of the most important in our reef tanks, including Alkalinity, Calcium, Nitrate and phosphate.

These will be supported by probe based water monitoring to monitor temperature, Ph, ORP, Conductivity and Dissolved Oxygen. In the future Reef Kinetics will also be adding tests for nitrie, iodine, magnesium and copper for a well-rounded, complete water testing and monitoring machine.

The ReefBot is now available for purchase for interested parties who sign up for the Beta Testing program through the Reef Kinetics website. They’ll be happy to field your questions at the CoralVue booth where they will be demonstrating the latest version of the machine. We can’t wait to see it and if you’re in Orlando this weekend, you certainly won’t want to miss your chance to observe this promising new technology for yourself at Reefapalooza this weekend.

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