ReefBot May Care Kit


Here’s a bundle you wouldn’t want to miss!

Introducing the ReefBot May Care Kit, your all-in-one solution for maintaining optimal aquarium health. This comprehensive kit includes custom-made vials, syringes, needles, filters, silicon tubes, and pump heads—everything you need to keep your ReefBot Lab running smoothly in the upcoming year, do not worry about ordering anything in that period. With precision-engineered components and hassle-free maintenance, the ReefBot May Care Kit ensures accurate testing and effortless upkeep of your aquatic ecosystem. Simplify your aquarium care routine and invest in long-term success with the ReefBot May Care Kit today.

The bundle contains:

1 ReefBot Lab Device = 1299$
30 1ml Syringes = 90$
30 10ml Syringes = 90$
60 Needles = 180$
6m Silicon Tubes = 35$
1 Filter = 25$
1 Pump Head = 60$
12 60ml vials = 109$

Original Price = 1,888$
Bundle Price = 1,399$ – Save 25%!

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