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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tests currently supported by the Reefbot?

Today, the Reefbot can test the following parameters with test kits from those brands. We are regularly adding support for new elements and brands through software updates.

Alkalinity: Salifert, RedSea, Elos, API, Giesemann
Calcium: RedSea, API
Magnesium: RedSea, Giesemann
Nitrate: API, Tropic Marin, Fauna Marin
Phosphate: Giesemann, API, RedSea
Nitrite: Tropic Marin, Fauna Marin
Ammonia: API, Giesemann
Copper: Elos

How accurate are test results?

The test results received from the ReefBot are as accurate as test kits. The ReefBot interprets the colors and gives back results

How is the Reefbot shipped?

The Reefbots will be shipped within 2-5 business days of placing an order (unless indicated otherwise at the time of order) through DHL express shipping. At the moment, we can only ship to the continental USA
For other countries, kindly contact us on [email protected]

Where can I buy test kits for my ReefBot?

The test kits do not come with the ReefBot but can be bought online.

You can find a list a below:

Alkalinity: Salifert (Buy Now), RedSea (Buy Now), Elos (Buy Now), API (Buy Now), Giesemann (Buy Now)
Calcium: RedSea (Buy Now) , API (Buy Now)
Magnesium: RedSea (Buy Now), Giesemann (Buy Now)
Nitrate: API (Buy Now), Tropic Marin (Buy Now), Fauna Marin (Buy Now)
Phosphate: Giesemann (Buy Now),  API (Buy Now), RedSea (Buy Now)
Nitrite: Tropic Marin (Buy Now), Fauna Marin (Buy Now)
Ammonia: API (Buy Now), Giesemann (Buy Now)
Copper: Elos (Buy Now)

What do I need to install the Reefbot on my tank?

You do not need anything except a tank, internet connection and mobile phone.

How do I get further support?

For any support related inquires , kindly contact us on [email protected]